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"Seattle artist Brooke Westlund taps into a deep collective spirit in her abstract mixed media creations.  Her paintings embrace something absolutely individual and unique and simultaneously connects to the pulse of the collective whole."
                            -C.M.P developer of {the genius project}  

Artist Statement

Brooke Westlund, a native Seattleite, has always loved art. She studied Photography, Art History, and Business at Western Washington University. Following graduation, Brooke worked under artist James Jensen as an apprentice and was inspired to pursue painting.


She has slowly developed her unique style and built her career as an abstract and mixed media painter, exploring many styles and mediums over the years.  Her work explores her love of life, the beautiful city of Seattle and all that it encompasses: texture, simplicity, complexity, movement, color, spontaneity, awareness and chaos.  Brooke’s mixed media and abstract paintings show her world through her photography, different types of paints, dry pigments, stamps, encyclopedia cut outs, high gloss varnishes, and found
 materials. She blends them with large brushstrokes, splatters, drips and bold colors. 

Brooke has shown her work in many venues across the Seattle area. She has worked on multiple corporate commission projects for interior designers as well as individuals to create the perfect painting for their home.  She opened her public studio and gallery in the eclectic Pike Place Market in 2011 where she spends most of her time creating and showing her latest work. 


Check out her website, visit her in her studio right under Pike Place Market, or contact her to see her other work or to work with her for a custom painting for your home.

      On the paintings.....  "they are composed of many different moments of their own layered upon one another, there is a certain point where the painting seems finished but really it is just time to move onto a different stage in its life, in fact each painting continues to change each moment as more and more people experience it, it is ever evolving. It changes depending on where it is hung at the time and who walks by.  Even if you see the painting in a bar for a second as you walk by you had a moment with it and so you and the painting each contributed to each others lives even in a tiny way.  This process of being in the moment is how we should view our lives, not being attached to any one moment but just moving along.  Not worrying about the future or the past."


Art Resume

Brooke Westlund Studio and Gallery in the Pike Place Market.

1514 Western Avenue

Seattle, WA. 

Current and Upcoming:

Stylus Salon. Belltown Seattle. Jan-March 2023


Edmonds Art Walk. The Paper Feather. July 21, 2022. Edmonds, WA.

Gunnar Nordstrom Contemporary Art Gallery. Bellevue. 2013-2019.

Bings Seattle. Madison Park. 2013-2019.

Matts in the Market. Pike Place Market. Seattle. 2015-2020.

Urban Hardwoods. Seattle. 2018-2019.

Renissance Hotel Seattle. Permanent collection.

Reclaim Decor. Belltown, Seattle. 2015-2019
Addo:Ballard Seattle. 2019

Stylist & I. Capitol Hill, Seattle. 2017

Red Cedar & Sage. Pike Place Market. April-December 2016

Islander Resturant. Mercer Island. 2016

55 Bell Street Gallery. Seattle. August 12, 2016.

Brick + Mortar. Seattle. 2016.

Shorebreak Hotel. Huntington Beach, CA. Mural installed 2016.

Jars Juice. Seattle. March-May

55 Bell Art. April-May.

Station 7. Capitol Hill. Feb-April 2016

Reclaim Decor. Seattle. 2014-2015

Paragon. Queen Anne. Seattle. October-December  

Alexis Hotel. Skyline Mural in Fitness Center. Seattle. April 2015

LeReve Bakery. Queen Anne. March-April 2015.

Annie Fisher Hair Salon. Madison Valley, Seattle. October-December.

Madison Park Artwalk. Bings. September 2014.

Alki Arts. August 2014.

Olympus Condominiums. May-August 2014

Gunnar Nordstrom. Bellevue. Solo show May 2014. 

South Lake Union Art Walk. May 2014

Bings Restaurant.  Madison Park. Rotating show. 2013
Eastlake Bar and Grill. 2013

Cafe Senso Unico. Seattle, WA. March & April 2014

Sassafras Boutique. Seattle. March 2014

RAW Seattle Showcase February 27th 7-11PM

Sell your Sole Boutique. Seattle, WA. 6 month show 2013

Local Color. Pike Place Makret. December- January 2013/2014.
Alibi Room December-January 2013/2014

Gary Manuel Salon. Downtown Seattle. October 2013
Fremont Art Walk. August - September 2013.
Vino Wine Bar. May-July 2013
Greenwood Artwalk. June 2013.
Dania Art Walk. June 2013.
Color and Movement @ THE STUDIO. March 30, 2013.
MONOCHROME Event at THE STUDIO. Nov. 30, 2012.
Madison Park Artwalk 2012. McGilvras. Sept 7-30, 2012.
Alibi Room. Pike Place Market. October 2012 
BINGS. Madison Park Seattle, WA. April-August 2012.
SOZO Wine Label Launch Party. Hotel 1000. June 21, 2012.
New Studio Grand Opening Event. June 30, 2012
POST. Pike Place Market. Seattle, WA. June 12, 2012.
Portland Juice Press Launch Party. Portland, OR. April 27,2012.
J.Gilbert. Belltown. Seattle, WA April 2012.
Red Apple. Madison Park Seattle, WA. March 2012
Local Color Coffee Shop and Gallery. Downtown Seattle, WA. December – January 2012.
Park Place Deli. Madison Park. Seattle, WA. January 2012.
Pintxo.  Belltown. Seattle, WA.  October - December 2011.
Columbia Tower Club. Downtown Seattle, WA. September-December 2011.
Madison Park Artwalk 2011. Madison Park. Seattle, WA. September 9 - 30.
Party with a Purpose 2011.  Artist for Infectious Disease Reseach Institute. June 17, 2011.
BalMar. Ballard.  Seattle, WA.  June 11- August 13, 2011.
Café Fiore.  Sunset Hill. Seattle, WA.  July 1 - August 31, 2011.
Alibi Room.  Pike Place Market.  Seattle, WA. May, 2011.
Park Place Deli. Madison Park. Seattle, WA. Feburary 21 - April 15, 2011.
Park Pub. Phinney Ridge. Seattle, WA. March-May 2011.
The Broadway Grill. Capitol Hill. Seattle, WA. December 7, 2010 - March 8, 2011.
Pintxo. Belltown. Seattle, WA. December 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011.
Fresh Flours. Ballard. Seattle, WA. November 1, 2010 – December 1, 2010.
Fashion Network Seattle Launch Party. SODO. Seattle, WA. October 7, 2010.
Park Place Deli. Madison Park Artwalk. Seattle, WA. September 1, 2010 - December 1, 2010.
Bedlam. Belltown. Seattle, WA. December 1-31, 2009.
Urban Yoga Spa Event. Downtown. Seattle, WA. November 21, 2009
Yearly Apprenticeship: One month with Fine Artist James Jensen in Palm Springs, CA. 2009 & 2010


Corporate Comissions:
Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Seattle, WA

The Ride. Seattle, WA

Broadstone Saxton. Seattle, WA

Shorebreak Hotel, Huntington Beach, CA. Kimpton Hotels

Fuelhouse Gym. Seattle, WA

Alexis Hotel. Kimpton Hotels. Seattle, WA

Zena Design Group for Reniassance Hotel Seattle

Object Space. Interior Design

Taverna Mazi Resturant
Taphouse Grill: Bellevue

Hyde-Evans Interior Design

Great Jones Home

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