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Simple Steps for commissioning custom artwork. It is a fun special process that also allows you to get the perfect piece for your home or business! Contact me to talk about your project. 

1- Identify Location

  • Send photos of the area in the home you are looking to fill, this gives me and idea of your style and space and a  starting point for us.

2- Consultation

  • We can talk in person, over the phone, video chat, or email about your ideas and inspiration and thoughts on what you are looking for. Here we will discuss color, size options, style, etc.

3- Options + Ideas

  • I will start my creative process thinking about your wishes for your paintings. I can do digital sketches and mock ups of what certain sizes might look like on your wall, this can help decide what size or whether to do one piece or a series of multiple.


  • Once our decision is made I will take a 50% deposit and then get started in the studio!


5- Creative Process

  • As I am working on your painting I can send photos along the way, as well as offer a studio visit if you want to see the painting in person mid way through the process. This gives the opportunity for me to hear your feedback and I can make any changes and adjustments that you'd like at this point. 

6- Finished Painting 

  • Balance due and coordinate pickup. Artwork will be ready to hang with hardware attached.

Let's talk about your project! 

Thanks for submitting! We’ll get back to you shortly. Look forward to talking with you! -Brooke



Identify Location for Artwork

Client bought a new condo in Maui, Hawaii. They had new neutral furniture and needed artwork for the dining and living room area. They wanted to add color and a "Hawaii" vibe in an abstract way. 



The client shared a few photographs with me for inspiration and she told me she wanted my abstract style and to give the feeling and colors of the images she sent me to reference, sunset and waters of Hawaii.


Untitled_Artwork 9 copy.jpg


Options + Ideas

I was able to offer a few options of sizes and layouts and show digital sketches to the client to help see what her choices were.


Finished Artwork

The clients vision came to life and you can see the final product hanging in the condo on her wall. Hawaii paintings representing the beautiful Sunset Sky + Blue Tropical Waters.



Creative Process

I got to work in the studio, sending photos to the client along the way so they could see progress. 



We decided on a triptych of 3 vertical paintings to go above the couch and a diptych of 2 horizontal paintings to fill the space in the dining room. We were keeping in mind that the paintings needed to be shipped and so that is why we did not choose one large piece for these areas.

Untitled_Artwork 9.jpg
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