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Let your creativity flow with your friends while drinking wine and creating your own  art piece in an art studio and gallery space in Pike Place Market!


Small group classes with instruction, all materials and one on one attention from Brooke Westlund to complete a fun and successful abstract painting!


At this time classes are scheduled on a private group basis + one group monthly class that individuals can sign up for.


How it works:

You gather a group of friends, choose the date that is best for your group, let me know what time is best! 


-Plan for about 2.5 hours

-Wine is provided (Bring your own snacks) 

-All supplies for project are provided

-Guidance and step by step direction


$75 / person

Currently Offering 3 Types of Classes

 PNW Mixed Media Painting
(click photo below for a gallery of images)


 Geometric Abstract Painting
(click photo below for a gallery of images)


 Floral Painting
(click photo below for a gallery of images)


Sign up for a Private class below!

Thank you for your interest in my art class! I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Brooke's painting class is a 5 out of 5 star event. You get to spend time with just your friends, family, coworkers, etc. instead of a big group setting. You get one-on-one attention from her. You can customize your painting however you want. You get to make something that you will actually want to hang up in your home or give as a gift. And last but not least, you get yummy snacks and you aren't limited to one glass of wine like traditional 'paint nights.' If you are looking for a girl's night out or something fun and new for your family to do, this is it! It doesn't even feel like you are in a leave feeling like a true artist.   -Janine Pietz



Brooke deserves a 10-star review! I had such a blast in her creative art class so much so that I am actively to putting together another group of friends so I can paint again! Brooke provided guidance to help us create our own individual work. This was really helpful and encouraging rather than heavily dictated step-by-step instruction like so many other paint classes I’ve experienced in the city. I found Brooke’s approach to be much more conducive to allowing for real creativity and because of that, I LOVED how my picture turned out as it truly felt like it was MY creation.  I recommend Brooke everywhere now – I definitely take another class soon!  -Cady



We had the BEST girls night painting at Brooke's studio! She makes it easy to be creative. I don't have an artistic bone in my body but my piece is hanging proudly on my wall. I love it! I'm going to schedule another class for a work outing this summer. Thanks Brooke!  -Christine C.



We had a ball and we all love our paintings... Brooke is doing it right!  Wine and munchies and it was nice that she painted and drank wine with us!  I personally loved that it felt so personal with the smaller group setting! If you're going to a painting class - this is the only one I'd recommend, I like how Brooke allows each "artist" to choose their colors, design, etc. as opposed to following what the instructor is doing. I LOVED the way my painting turned out! I got really into it and can't wait to try this class as a non-beginner!  want to sign up for another class as I already have new ideas!   -Christine N.



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