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I was born and raised in the Seattle area, and I have always called the Pacific Northwest home. Pike Place Market is often called “the soul of the city,” and I wholeheartedly agree. I LOVE the market, and I am so lucky to call it my [studio] home. I am currently sharing my studio with two other amazing women artists. Rebecca and Barbie. You will love their work as well! 


To get to my gallery head down the stairs right underneath the main public market sign. I have had a shop in the market for 11 years, and I’ve had 8 wonderful years on Western Avenue! The stairs leading down form the market to Western Avenue is full of unique art, like these light fixture guys! Western is a quieter street below the crowded hustle and bustle of the main Pike Place Market. My neighbors are Sharon of Eclipse Hat Shop and Leanne of Leolo, both inspirational, creative, and talented ladies! I am so lucky to have them on Western Avenue with me. 

My space is both a gallery and my studio, you will often catch me painting when I am open! You can always see multiple paintings that are in progress as well as the finished works hanging on the walls. I love creating and do not fit in one “box” of a certain style. I love doing huge colorful abstract paintings as well as painting flowers, Seattle themed artwork, mixed media, photography and more. I love doing custom artwork and helping people get the right special piece for their space. I love experimenting with different materials. Often I use metal leaf, book pages, different paints, brush, and tools for my process.


Thanks for following me and spreading the love of art. I think we can all use some color and happiness in our lives these days and always.


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