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Hyatt Regency Downtown Seattle Artwork


The SHIFT Collection : These 5 paintings capture the ever changing seasons of the Pacific Northwest. If you look closely, you will witness and feel the subtle transition from one season to the other.



SHIFT: Leaves


In the spring you notice the trees full of green leaves and budding life.  You sense that any day the flowers will be in full bloom.




In the heart of winter after a snow fall, there is stillness in the air.

Snow blankets the trees and the earth, transforming the landscape in to a quiet and peaceful place.

SHIFT: Water


In autumn the color of the leaves change daily, from vibrant to muted. Each raindrop takes a leaf with it to the ground.


SHIFT: Branches


At the beginning of winter when all of the leaves have fallen and the ground is bare, the organic structure of the tree is revealed.





In the summer, as the days become longer and the sun sets later, the dynamic sky changes every moment. 

Details about the works: 


Artists: Brooke Westlund & Joseph Brooks


Brooke Westlundhas always loved art.  She studied Photography, Art History, and Business at Western Washington University. Brooke worked under artist James Jensen as an apprentice for a short time and was inspired to paint after that. She has slowly developed her style and built her career as an abstract and mixed media painter, exploring many styles and mediums over the years.  Brooke has shown her work in many venues across the Seattle area. She has worked on multiple corporate commission projects for interior designers as well as individuals to create the perfect painting for their home.  She opened her studio and gallery in Pike Place Market 8 years ago.  People are able to visit this public studio and see her works in progress as well as finished works hanging on the walls. 


Joseph Brooksis a multi disciplinary artist from the PNW. Born and raised in Tacoma, Wa. Joseph has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. Today One can find Joseph comfortable at the easel and at the wall. Joseph is a member of the mural group Game Not Fame which has produced many large scale murals in a myriad of styles to fit each clients particular needs. Joseph is also very active in the Tacoma and Seattle Gallery Art scenes showing with Statix, Axis Gallery, The Drawnk, Greenwood Collective, and The Nearsighted Narwhal among others. 


Brooke and Joseph have been closely connected in the Seattle art scene throughout the last decade. That made working on a large scale collaborative collection like Shiftvery easy for the two artists. On this project they collaborated on every single aspect of the Shiftpaintings. They used their collective knowledge of a wide range of artistic values and skills from choosing colors, mixing paint, and painting each step at the same time. What they created with these paintings encompasses what they have experienced growing up in the PNW. Whispers of Mountains, trees, and water, and a hint of mist.  All that is missing is the smell of the Puget Sound. 


Size: 5 paintings each 7 ft. tall by 24 ft. wide


Materials: Acrylic paint on canvas


Concept: Dick Hedreen, hotel developer, had seen an opera with a backdrop that caught his eye and was inspired to commission a collection of 5 paintings using local artists to capture 5 different simple large scale landscape paintings. 


They worked closely together throughout the concept and sketch phase before we decided on the direction of the paintings. Once the ideas were concrete and sketches approved, each painting was created by Brooke and Joseph in Brooke’s studio which is located in Pike Place Market just 3 blocks from Hedreen’s office.  Visits to the studio while the paintings were in progress made for a very close commission process, as Dick and his management team were able to see the works in different stages of creation.  TheShift Collectionof paintings were created by Brooke Westlund and Joseph Brooks from November 2017 through March of 2018.

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